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International Friesian Show Horse Association






Photo of the HH booth at the IFSHA Nationals in 2009

Links to IFSHA Photos

2010 IFSHA Region #6 Participants & Photos

2009 IFSHA World and Grand Nationals Participants & Photos





The International Friesian Show Horse Association is the official United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)

recognized representative of the Friesian horse and Friesian Crossbreds that are 50% or greater. 

IFSHA promotes activities by offering a Year End Awards Program and recognition for Friesians that excel in open competition, as well as junior equitation, English pleasure (saddle seat, hunt seat), costume, western pleasure, halter, dressage, driving, and even trail classes. There are also fun classes like Liberty to promote the Friesian horse in its natural splendor.


Great News!

 F2 Crossbreds can now show at IFSHA

March 19, 2014
Fellow IFSHA Members,
The IFSHA Board of Directors is pleased and excited to announce that IFSHA has been granted a USEF Presidential Rule Modification to rule FR101.4a. The original rule states a part bred Friesian must be 50% Friesian with one purebred Friesian parent. The rule change proposed by the IFSHA Board of Directors will strike the portion of the rule that states one parent must be a purebred Friesian. Until the proposed rule passes, a USEF Presidential Modification was granted on March 19th , 2014.
What this means is that for the year 2014 all part bred Friesians 50% or greater may compete in any IFSHA competition. IFSHA is a horse show organization and this will allow for IFSHA to be inclusive of all Friesians of mixed heritage and give them the opportunity to compete under the rules of I FSHA and the USEF.
We look forward to welcoming new members to The International Friesian Show Horse Association and the United States Equestrian Federation.

Sandy Jacob IFSHA President




IFSHA scores ARE NOT recognized in the HH Open Awards Program, as they are breed restricted classes.


If you have horses of Friesian heritage who are less than 50% Friesian and you would like to be able to show them in IFSHA in the future, please write to them at ifsha@friesianshowhorse.com and tell them you would like them to consider a rule change that would allow inclusion of ALL horses of Friesian heritage (25% to 100% Friesian), as registered by Friesian Heritage Horse!  If you send a request to IFSHA, please send the HH a copy so that we are aware of your interest as well:  hh@friesianheritage.com

(You can just CC us a copy of your email to IFSHA)



Link to IFSHA 2010 Region #6 Photos

Link to IFSHA 2009 National Photos


For more information and full show schedule visit their webpage: http://www.friesianshowhorse.com










Call us Toll Free 1-877-653-1341


10:00 AM to 10:00 PM  M-F

Occasionally answering & returning calls on Sat-Sun

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